The use of a high quality furnace filter in a home aids in reducing dust accumulation and may prolong the lifespan of a furnace. 

The electronic air cleaner is arguably the most effective filter available in residential applications.  This filter works by placing an electronic charge on particles and then collecting them on the surface of the filter. It is required to wash these filters quarter annually to maintain a high degree of efficiency. Over a period of 3-5 years the buildup of pollutants on the filters becomes significant and it becomes increasingly difficult to retain the filters original performance. Superior A.D.C offers a three stage acid bath in which the filters are collected from the residence and taken for a period of a week to be specially cleaned (a substitute filter is left to ensure safe furnace operation). After this process is complete the filters will regain maximum efficiency and will look as though they were brand new. The electronic air cleaners are then returned and reinstalled back into the duct system.


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BEFORE ACIDReal before photo taken by a Superior Clean Air Specialist

AFTER ACID BATHReal photo taken after a acid bath performed by a superior clean air specialist.