Superior Air Duct Cleaning has a full range of humidifiers for sale and offers full installation services to incorporate the devices into your home or business central air system. LEARN MORE


Flow-through humidifiers need to have the humidifier pads replaced annually. We offer a full selection of pads for use with most major brands and models. LEARN MORE


Ditch the old mercury thermostat for a new digital thermostat. These programmable options – sometimes with Internet connectivity – can save you hundreds of dollars each year! LEARN MORE


Purifying your home’s air can be done more completely by adding an ultraviolet light. These bio-fighter germicidal UV lights work in tandem with your air filter to provide even cleaner indoor air. LEARN MORE


We carry a wide range of replacement air filters for use with most common furnaces and AC units. Whether your need a pleated model or a high-capacity model, we have what you need.  LEARN MORE


Electronic air cleaners can remove more than 90 percent of allergens, dirt and dust from your home’s air. All cleaners are backed with a five-year warranty, and installations options are available. LEARN MORE


HEPA filtration systems, short for high-efficiency particulate arrestance, can remove more than 99.9 percent of pollens, dust and other irritants from household air. Find out more about these units. LEARN MORE


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