Eavestrough and Window Cleaning Services

Eavestrough cleaning and window cleanings are two of the most requested services. To provide the highest quality of service for our customers, we’ve partnered with Clear Cut Group to provide full window and eavestrough cleaning services.

Eavestrough Cleaning

Homeowners don’t want to run the risk of climbing a ladder or even worse falling off their roof just to clean their eavestroughs. Eavestrough cleaning is essential to keep gutters draining smoothly and prevent standing water from accumulating, which can provide a location for mosquitos to breed and potentially spread West Nile virus and other bacteria and diseases. Your eavestroughs may have standing water in them, and having them cleaned once a year can prevent these pests from breeding and making your yard a bug-filled mess.

Clear Cut Group’s professional staff takes extreme care when we are on your property. They bag everything removed from your eavestroughs so you aren’t left with a mess to clean up. They also use ladder standoffs, allowing them clean your eaves without leaving any marks or damaging your home. These small habits and our attention to detail keeps their customers coming back to us time after time.

Clear Cut Group also offers an eavestrough protection product called Gutter Stuff that carries a 25-year no clog warranty that is transferable. Either the homeowner can install it themselves or Clear Cut’s qualified technicians can install it for you.

Window Cleaning

Cleaner windows mean a brighter home. Clear Cut Group’s customers primarily rely on them for their exterior window cleaning needs, some even on a quarterly basis.

Each of Clear Cut’s highly trained technicians perform comprehensive polishing and cleaning of all exterior windows of your home of business, removing dust smudges and accumulated dirt, pollen and debris that lands on windows through storms and seasonal blooms. See how brilliant your home or office will look once your dingy windows have been thoroughly cleaned by their team of professional cleaning experts.

To find out more about Clear Cut Group’s eavestrough and window cleaning services, as well as gutter protection solutions, call them today at 905-824-6597 or visit them online for more information.



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